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Welcome to the jokaydia Virtual Worlds Wiki!

Exploring Virtual Worlds and Games in Education and Training

The jokaydia Virtual Worlds Wiki was created in October 2009 to document the educational uses of a range of virtual worlds and games. It is managed and maintained by Jo Kay aka jokay Wollongong as part of her work as facilitator of the Islands of jokaydia Community of Practice.

The site includes:

  • Information about the educational uses of a range of virtual worlds including Second Life and ReactionGrid
  • Information about the educatonal uses of a number of online games and online games development tools
  • Information about the educational uses of a range of games and gaming platforms
  • the previously named SLeducation Wiki resource - Educational Uses of Second Life
  • Resources for educators including guides for getting started, comics, videos and case studies.

Click on the links in the sidebar to access the resources. Please feel free to share them with your students and colleagues.

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Hey! Wait a second... Isn't this the SLeducation Wiki?

Funny you should ask that! ;) The new jokaydia Virtual Worlds in Education wiki includes all of the resources that were previously available at, the well known wiki which was created by Jo Kay and Sean FitzGerald in late 2006 to document the emerging uses of Second Life in education. That content has been migrated to this space and redeveloped to include information about a broader range of 3D learning environments.

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    For further information about this resource, please contact Jo Kay aka jokay Wollongong:


    Please Note:

    As this is my professional wiki and I need to retain editing rights I do not accept membership for this space. However I hope you find the resources useful!

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